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We know here that living with diabetes isn’t always exactly easy, but that’s what we’re here for! We refuse to believe that diabetes should take over anyone’s life and we won’t let it, so if you’re in the UK and there’s anything at all relating to diabetes you’re struggling with we’re here to help. Whether you have type one, type two or any other type of diabetes yourself, or you live with people who do feel free to make an account or sign in with a social networking account.
Everyday, our friends are Diabetes UK are also working hard to make new discoveries with the view of creating a better and easier life for those with diabetes, as well as support those in need and educate people on diabetes. Though they can’t do this without your generous money and support, so we’d really appreciate if you could kindly donate some money by clicking the button on the left! Thanks :)


INTRODUCING our new social facility. If you haven’t used Facebook, you will have most likely used Twitter or MySpace or some form of soial networking site. Well on top of being able to log in with a social networking account, we’ve got a combination of social networking sites. You can post updates, get mentions, interact and favorite in real time.


We’ve got a new way of asking questions! No more different forums, simply type your question – add some details and explanation. To help others find your questions you need to add some ‘tags’ – basically keywords which describe your question. Answering the questions is just as easy, if not easier – and to let others get straight to the answer, the question poster can select the best answer.


The Diabetes UK North East Lincolnshire Family Support Group hold regular meetings to provide you with opportunities to catch up with each other and discuss any problems person to person. At our meetings we provide refreshments too. We also have days out and hold fund raising events regularly, and the dates to all of these events are in our online calendar which you can see to the right of your screen now. If you have any events that aren’t in our calendar you can click here to add it once you’ve signed in.

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